Hazel Lopatkin Wallis

Hazel Lopatkin Wallis lives and works in London and is an Artist – Teacher and Subject Lead in Art. She studied Graphic Design and Illustration and worked as an illustrator and a commercial interior designer until completing an Art PGCE and has subsequently taught art in secondary schools for over 20 years. She completed an MA at Goldsmiths University and has her own fine art practice.

Hazel is a multi media artist, producing work relating to loss, fear of forgetting and creates stories to fill the spaces between reality. She looks at history and transferred memories and the line between which truth and fantasy become blurred and works with an alter ego, Kalinka Kuperchick.

Hazel is regularly found at auctions and has a fascination with used, precious objects and the idea of personal trace on physical items. The foundation of a person’s life, their significant and insignificant moments are absent and she tries to replace them, through painting microscopic trace, reconstructing missing items and working from these once treasured objects.

More recently Hazel has been working with collage, repurposing older artwork and giving her work new narratives. Her colourful collages and viral landscapes were developed in lock down and reference Covid 19.

Hazel has completed many private commissions and her work is held in private collections both in the UK and abroad. She exhibits her art work on a regular basis and sells her work privately or through her Etsy shop and welcomes commissions.

Work held in private collections in UK, Canada, Israel & USA
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